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The family and I got back this weekend from a nice week up at Cape Cod. On Saturday afternoon we went to check out our garden (we're once again doing the community garden thing). I'd picked some zucchini and squash on the previous Sunday before driving up to the Cape, but there were a lot of smaller ones that I left one. I thought it would be okay to do so, because my Aunt M. was supposed to come over once during the week to water and presumably pick any produce that was ready.

Um, no. Aunt M. watered, but didn't pick anything except a few basil leaves. I've told Mom that she's fired as a garden sitter. What's the point of not picking the produce??  <sigh> If she didn't want anything, she could have given it to her daughter!

So, when we visited the garden on Saturday, we were greeted by the sight of overgrown basil plants, mounds of yellow squash, zucchinis the size of small baseball bats, and a long row of bush bean plants that were completely full of green beans. Nothing else was ready yet, thankfully, though we picked a few small yellow peppers. After picking everything and divvying them up, I knew that I needed to do something ASAP.

On Saturday night, I made three batches of pesto with the basil, and I still threw some of the basil away because I didn't have the energy to get the hydrator out.

On Sunday, I put my new small batch canning book to good use and made 4 pints of pickled zucchini, 5 pints of zucchini pepper relish, and 3 pints of dilly beans. I also cooked one of the yellow squash and ate some of it with dinner.

Tonight I'm baking two loaves of zucchini bread, which used most of the remaining zucchini. And now I'm wondering what I can do with the rest of the yellow squash.

I'm also afraid to return to the garden....
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