May. 20th, 2012

Well, it was quite a busy two days. I planned to take a half-day off from work on Friday in order to finish last minute items (like the bisht for Dinsdale), but one particular lawyer-boss made that impossible. Instead, I took a 1/3 day off. After bringing the cat to a check-up, it was down to New Britain to help set up the site. I bugged out early in order to go home and finish sewing the trim on the bisht. I was feeling a bit guilty, but it turns out that my leaving early was exactly what people wanted.

Leandra and I arrived bright and early on Saturday and settled into running Gate, where things went pretty smoothly. After initially being worried that I wouldn't have enough help, I actually had more people than I could use, which was a lovely thing to experience. By and by, Royal court started, and it was one of the best courts I've ever attended. I though that Queen Avelina did a wonderful job, and it was great to see several people in the barony receive awards that were overdue. Dinsdale and Aelfigfu spoke movingly about their time as baron and baroness, and the ceremony for deinvestiture and investiture of Dorigen and [ profile] kls_eloisewas very moving. Dorien and [ profile] kls_eloiselooked fantastic, as did Miss Charlotte. Their initial court, as well as their evening court, were great, and I'm looking forward to their reign.

My big surprise of the day came when I was called into Royal court. I was completely baffled and thought maybe I was going to get a Queen's Order of Courtesy. But when HRM Avelina mentioned the word "testimony" and Mistress Aelfgifu began speaking, I realized that I was receiving a Laurel!!  I was quite flabbergasted and my heart was racing, but I managed to really listen to the lovely words spoken on my behalf. I'm quite humbled by the praise, as well as all of the hours of work that my friends put into this award.

[ profile] kls_eloiseproduced a stunning scroll filled with the type of legalese (from a period document, no less) that warms the cockles of both our hearts. She also spoke on behalf of the Laurels, and while she once again tried to blame me for the whole weaving thing, I'll always treasure her words. She and Dorigen also gave me a beautiful pelican/laurel enamel medallion which is absolutely beautiful. Mistress Aelfgifu spoke wonderfully for the Pelicans, and made me a laurel wreath from the bay laurel in her backyard. Mistress Camma read very kind words from Master Allyn, who spoke for the Chivalry, and Baroness Elspeth spoke for the Ladies of the Rose. [ profile] lucianusmade me a gorgeous partlet embroidered with a wreath of laurel leaves on the standing collar, and he and [ profile] jdulacgave me a wonderful medallion on a necklace that [ profile] lucianusstrung himself, as well as a beautiful pottery "pig" made by [ profile] thatpotteryguy. I also received a wonderful CD of Spanish pilgrimage music from Evaine. And to top it all off, [ profile] jtdiii cooked up a wonderful reception for everyone to enjoy, despite the fact that he couldn't be there for the day. His Pies of Paris are so incredibly yummy - you just can't eat one.

I'm still feeling very overwhelmed by it all. It was a complete surprise and an honor that I thought wouldn't happen for years, if at all. I will try to be worthy of the order, and more importantly, of the faith that my friends have in me.



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