Re-starting one, that is.

This morning's shower was definitely not as hot as usual. I fretted about it at work, but it had to wait until I finished work, went to Mom's to have dinner and pick up my new credit card (the old card's security had been breached and someone in Australia was trying to buy stuff!), and then went to Sear's for the 2nd day in a row to attempt to buy a treadmill (long story, but this attempt was successful).

So I finally got home and ran some water in the kitchen sink. The "hot" water was barely luke warm. The water heater, which is gas fired, didn't seem to be doing anything. I placed a call into CNG (the utility) but they couldn't come until tomorrow afternoon. I decided to try to restart it myself, but called my cousin-in-law (who lives in the same complex) for moral support (hey, gas can be scary). He came over and we puzzled over the directions before working up the courage to give it a try. No luck. We couldn't even see that the ignitor was creating a spark. I resigned myself to no hot water until tomorrow, or to talking a shower at my cousin's place.

A few minutes later, I decided to call the heating/plumbing company who installed the thing, figuring that repairs were probably covered under the warranty. I left a message with the emergency service and Tom the Very Helpful called me back within 20 minutes. After explaining what we had done, I learned that we made a mistake in following the printed directions. He was kind enough to walk me through the process over the phone (saving both me and him the annoyance of a trip here). If you really care, see below. Otherwise, know that all is right again in the Vynehorn household. Oh, and I then canceled the CNG appointment.

Evidently, the true (but secret!) method is to hold down the pilot gas knob while clicking the ignitor three times. Continue to hold down the gas knob while repeating the ignitor clicking process 2 more times. After that, you continue to hold down the gas knob for about one minute, before turning it from pilot to on, and then turning the water temp know from pilot to somewhere between A and B.



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