Feb. 19th, 2007 12:41 pm
Yes, folks, it's finally happened. I am bored enough at work to post something to my LiveJournal. Yes, I am that desperate.

It's been fairly cold around here lately, and I've been thinking about warm weather and warm places. I wouldn't mind being in Florida right now, for example.

I've also been thinking about how to spend my refund from the IRS and the state of CT. All together, I'll be getting a substantial chunk of money back, and as always, there are many ways to spend it.

1.) A new computer - the last time I bought a new computer I got Windows Millenium Edition as the operating system. That's how long it's been. And until I buy a new computer with a flatscreen monitor, I can't buy the much smaller and well-designed Ikea computer table/cabinet that I want.

2.) I want to remodel my upstairs bathroom. New vanity, new mirror, new lighting, new floor, new cabinet, new hardware, new paint, etc. The only thing that will probably stay the same is the current bathtub/shower. Even with a lot of sweat equity, this is going to cost some major dollars.

3.) I also want to do stuff to the kitchen. Sure, I'd love a new floor, but I also want to do something to the cabinets (painting them is probably my best bet), get a new counterop, and replace some of the current counter with a kitchen block. I also want a new table and to get rid of the nice, but not-quite-my-style hutch. The table and hutch were free and have served me well, but it's about time for them to go.

Yep! There's always more than one way to spend your money.



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